Demo Loan Program

Convincing a potential customer that your product is the best solution for their needs requires the right tools at the right time.

What better tool to have than being able to provide your sales teams and customers with your equipment for demonstration and evaluation?

Enhance Your Sales

Control Your Assets                Control Your Costs    

Providing equipment to enhance your sales has its rewards but also has many facets that must be considered.

How do you ensure that your equipment is tested, the right software or licensing is installed and is delivered on-time, on-site?

How do you control those products out in the field, ensure recovery and constant re-use of demo gear?

Your sales teams may be submitting internal orders for demonstration purposes.   What happens with those assets after a demonstration period is over?    Is the product converted to sale?   How do you retrieve those goods from a customer’s site and make sure no goods are unintentional forgotten, left behind at a customer site or sold?   How do you ensure data is scrubbed from previous usage?

If you have a global team, you need a global solution.    You need an inventory that can be shared with any sales team anywhere on the globe.    You need to get the most use of use of your inventory investment.

So how do you bring this equipment together and establish a secure, auditable and global resource center?

Case Study

In February 2012 Genesis established a demo loan program for a high-tech company with markets in the US and Europe. In March Genesis began providing equipment to their sales force in the US and Canada. At the end of 2012 Genesis will extend the program in the EMEA region from our Netherlands operation.

As of September Genesis, just through the guaranteed re-use of equipment, has reduced the cost of demo equipment by 79%!

Reduced failure rates in the field by 4%.


As part of Genesis’ suite of services we were able to provide both aggressive packaging and logistics rates.

 Feedback from the sales force has been overwhelmingly positive.

 “So far, my experience with Genesis has been great.  They are very easy to work with and have tried to meet my requests as best as they can, offering up alternatives where needed.  They do have a limited inventory at this time…..but if we all continue to send back product it will help Genesis meet our requests that much more.  Other benefits I see in doing this are:

 - Saves us time by not having to email sales to see if someone “might” have a unit

 - Keeps us from having to create spreadsheets to track these units and remember where they were sent

 - Opens up valuable storage space in our homes (or possibly cuts costs for some of you who have enough product to rent a storage unit.)

 - We never have to ship anything

 - No testing units when they come back to make sure the customer didn’t lock the unit, strip the OS, leave out accessories, damaged it, etc.


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